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Voluspa Candle 'Japanese Plum Bloom' 100hr

Voluspa Candle 'Japanese Plum Bloom' 100hr

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VOLUSPA's Japanese Plum Bloom Candle is presented in a jewel-toned metallic pink glass container. Filled with fragrant natural wax, this delicate floral composition features notes of plum bloom petals and leaves, ripe plum fruit and crushed currants.

VOLUSPA's signature 100hr glass jar silhouette is embossed in the iconic Japonica floral pattern, inspired by Japanese Chiyogami papermaking. The metallic decorative lid can be used to extinguish the flame or keep the candle dust-free when not in use. This best-selling candle makes a beautiful jar for keepsakes, flowers or decor long after the candle is gone.

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