We curate scents that nourish the spirit.

Amid the tree-lined streets of the beautiful seaside location of Williamstown, Gina has created a sanctuary of scent. 

Gina’s mission was to create a warm and inviting refuge in the form of an abundant and homely shop. With a focus on scent and creating beautiful experiences, Embrace encourages the community to value the act of giving; giving to themselves via self-care and giving to others and spreading positive moments that are good for the soul.

Here at Embrace, Gina has sourced scents from all across the world that are not just a pretty fragrance. The products that Gina curates are purposeful and functional - intended to uplift and enhance mind, body, spirit and home. From soothing candles to essential oils, heady perfumes to luscious lotions, she chooses goods that will nourish your sense of wellbeing every day.

Gina recognises the inherent power in scent. She would love nothing more than to welcome you into her space where she will be your guide as you discover a new daily scent ritual or uncover your signature fragrance. Or to help you to find “just the thing” for someone in your life who’s in need of a little spoiling today.

Our Values


We believe in doing things that are good for the soul to improve overall wellbeing. We truly value creating meaningful experiences for people for their homes and bodies. We want to empower both the individual buying for themselves and the person buying for someone else (no matter the budget), so that the end result is improved self-care for everyone, leading to more overall happiness from every Embrace moment.

The Art of Giving

We believe that giving is about sharing joy with others without expectation of return. To us, we know that giving to yourself is also just as important. Kindness and generosity can come in many forms. It can be the small things in life (scent, gift wrapping, a chat) that bring happiness. And we harness this through our carefully thought out experiences, our patience and with our range of beautiful collections that make gift-giving a pleasure. 

Curated Experiences

Embrace has spent many years thoughtfully curating in-store experiences that send our customers on a journey. We are focused on doing one thing well. We purposefully keep our product categories small but our range in those categories full and highly considered. Scent is our overarching theme and each product is intentionally chosen. With a focus on storytelling and quality, unique products, we want each Embrace experience, whether it be online, in-store or at home to be personal and ignite your imagination.


We love our community both in store and online and offer them warmth, patience and connection. We have time for everyone and always ensure that we provide a welcoming space that people feel aligned with and safe in. We support independent and local brands and this helps us to embed even deeper into our community and continue that storytelling process that is so important to our experience.