There’s simply something a little bit magical about scent.

It must be magic to conjure up memories. Remember the first time you crunched through fallen Autumn leaves? Or that salt and coconut-perfumed trip to the seaside? Or burying your nose in your mum’s hair
when she held your tiny body tight? That’s the power of scent. It wraps you in its potent embrace and uplifts the spirit. 

Scent is personal and can affect our emotions, sensuality and our memories, and at Embrace, we want to take people away on their own personal journey that enhances and deepens this notion. We want to champion great makers and their products and uplift our community with things that make them feel special and like they are worthwhile.

We collect evocative fragrances from all around the world so that you can make new memories – or make someone’s day extra special. 

Our mission is to create genuine happiness through self-care, great storytelling and of course, scent.

About Embrace

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