What’s in my calming toolkit?

What’s in my calming toolkit?

Following last week’s discussion, I wanted to again look at the power of scent and its connection to our emotions.

If you are looking for an elevation of peace, calm, rest and relaxation in your day and night, it is well known that lavender speaks to these emotional states. Some people still think of lavender as being a grandma’s closet scent, however it has been elevated to new heights and combined with the right scents can be one of the most effective scents for relaxation, decreasing anxiety and quieting the mind.

Lavender, clementine, patchouli, geranium, rosemary, cedarwood, rose are all scents that are restful and promote relaxation and restfulness.

My Calming Toolkit:

  • Myrtle & Moss Divine Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary Candle
  • iKOU Linen & Sleep Mist
  • iKOU Destress Candle
  • iKOU Sleepyhead Roll-on
  • iKOU Rest, Destress, Relax essential oil blend

Sometimes when our emotions run a little flat (as in covid times!!) we could do with an energising uplift. The citrus-based scents of lemon, lime, mandarin, grapefruit and geranium can assist in uplifting emotions and bring about a positive state of wellbeing.

My Energising Toolkit:

  • iKOU Lemon Myrtle & Tahitian Lime Body Cream
  • Myrtle & Moss, Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle & Orange Peel Cream and Hand & Body Wash

I find using these products as part of my morning routine engulfs me and my senses in an uplifting scent to start the day off energised. And if you can bear it, add a cold shower to the mix (full disclosure – I struggle to manage it!)

Let’s chat more if you’d like to discuss which emotions you’d like to elevate!

Stay warm and stay safe!

Gina 🙏

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