What happened to routine?

What happened to routine?

As parents we now face change once again, as schools start to reopen for face to face learning.

Some of us embraced our new home schooling routine, while for others it was nothing short of a challenge, particularly if you found yourself running your business from home as well.

So it’s time to plan for change again. Another new routine.

As part of my personal journey to live my best life, I found that even when routine changed and life threw a curveball my way, following a simple system kept me grounded.

The single most important task for me is to ensure I have organised myself and my ‘to do’s’ the previous evening, so that I get a great start to the following day. This means right from the beginning of my day I am ticking the boxes.

Then I work through my day with four mandatories:

  • Movement: Some form of exercise in my morning. I remind myself that I will be more productive and in a more positive frame of mind if I workout or simply just move. If I fail to have my previous nights plan in place, I can easily talk myself out of it, bargain with myself, tell myself I am going to train at night … and I never do. It is so important to exercise in the morning and tick that box early.
  • Mindfulness: I eliminate all the noise, all the excess, all the complications and just breathe. Eyes closed and a few deep breaths, even just for 10 minutes.
  • Prioritise: I focus on what is important to me. My family, our wellbeing, our family values, and our immediate environment and its impacts.
  • Use of Time: After all of this, I then decide where I’ll choose to spend my time today. What will serve my family, my friends and myself in the most positive way, and how much time will I dedicate to being in the sanctuary of my own home.

Wishing you a life of calm in this challenging time.

Gina 🙏

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