Travel through time

Travel through time

Ever noticed how some aromas can take us back to a time in our lives and the memories are so vivid? Of all our senses, smell is most closely linked to memory.

I have so many memories connected to scent, and my acute nose brings many flooding back, especially because of my line of work.

My earliest and fondest memory connected to scent is when I was a flower girl for my Aunty at her wedding. I am an only child, and this was my one and only opportunity. I can remember being absolutely beside myself with excitement. I also thought my Aunty was so stylish, cool and wonderful.

I received my bouquet of pale pink carnations to go with my pale blue chiffon overlay dress. The pink carnations complete with satin ribbon were so exquisite to me and smelt heavenly, like carnations did back then! Very occasionally I might get to smell something similar which transports me back to one of my best memories ever.

Here I am taking my flower girl role very seriously…

Being surrounded in my store by exquisite aromas, enables me to remember other wonderful times in my life that nourishes my soul.

  • Pine & Cypress, these woody earthy smells remind me of playing in our cubby house which was built in the huge cypress pine trees in Warrnambool. A favourite time for me and our Voluspa French Cade Lavender candles transport me to this time.
  • Jasmine, walking along the streets of Williamstown as the jasmine blooms in Spring. A lovely heady scent and for me a signal that the warmer weather is coming.
  • Roses, especially Dark Red Mr. Lincoln and the beautiful yellow of Graham Thomas. Reminds me of gardening with my Nan, especially picking the roses and bringing them inside. The SOH Grace le Rose is one of my favourites in store and takes me back to time with my Nan.
  • Tahitian Gardenia, holidays in the tropics, a floral mix that transports me back to Hawaii and Bali brought back to me in body lotions and candles.

What memories would you like to revisit? Perhaps the next one awaits you in a candle, a lotion or an essential oil. Close your eyes, breathe in and travel through time.

Stay warm and stay safe!

Gina 🙏

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