The four R’s, is this the new Easter ritual?

The four R’s, is this the new Easter ritual?

Easter for me is a time to reflect, a time to reassess, a time to relax and a time to reinvigorate.

Given our current world environment these four rituals have never been more important and poignant. Allow yourself some quiet time to ponder on these.

  • Reflect: What have I really, honestly, truthfully always been wanting to do?
  • Reassess: What doesn’t serve me anymore?
  • Relax: How can I simplify life in order to focus on the important?
  • Reinvigorate: What can I do better? What can I do to live my best life?

Take the time over Easter to simply jot down the thoughts that freely come to your mind when asking these questions. Don’t force it, the answers will be there. Just breathe and allow them to surface.

We now have the time and space to really find our truth, to focus and delve into our priorities, to place importance on what really matters, and to spend time with our family and friends (through technology).

It feels as though we have been given the opportunity to really have a good hard look at ourselves, make a fresh start, leave the past behind, appreciate what we have and love, and look forward to what our future will be. Create new beginnings and continue towards living our best life.

And when we continue to work towards our best life we may get to this ….

“It eventually gets better, without any sort of explanation. One day you just realise that you’re no longer upset, you’re no longer mad, hurt or bothered by the things that took so much of your energy and thoughts. You will find yourself in a peaceful place and enjoy that feeling.“

Wishing you a life of calmness in this challenging time,

Gina 🙏

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