The ANZAC generation did it like this…

The ANZAC generation did it like this…

This Saturday, April 25th 2020 marks ANZAC Day. My reflections will turn to how much our older generations gave up, to pave the way for us to have our freedom. I am forever grateful for this.

Lest We Forget

In this present day, we now find ourselves forced to stop, to pause, to reflect and to give thanks. I have been reflecting on how my parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived.

They were not wasteful, they were measured, they didn’t do ‘fast pace’ and they didn’t do excess. They didn’t do “mine is bigger, better, faster!”

They did do thoughtful, they did make do, they did reuse, they did resourceful and they did family. Sunday roasts, gardening, cubbies, meals made from scratch and then leftovers. Simplified living and often unplanned.

They didn’t do, ‘let’s run our day like a corporate business’, and they didn’t wear busy as a badge of honour.

They did days like this: let’s wake up, have a cuddle and a play, have breakfast, read the newspaper, feed the birds, check the garden for snails, wander to the shops, make lunch at home, some more gardening, check the breakwater or ocean conditions, buy some kabana and watch wide world of sport, cook dinner, watch some after school TV,  the news and a family show, read stories and then…bedtime.

I find it fascinating that the world today has granted us the opportunity to reflect, to consider the simple pleasures of life. Pleasures that our predecessors were grateful for, and that we seemed to have move on from, but hopefully now will return to.

I wanted to share this quote I discovered over the weekend.

“When we rush back to “normal” consider which parts of “normal” are worth rushing back to.”

Wishing you a life of calm in this challenging time.
Gina 🙏

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