Is patience really a virtue?

Is patience really a virtue?

My Grandmother always told me … “Patience is a virtue Gina”

It has taken me a very long time to learn what this really meant and how I could really truly practice the act of being patient.

We have all been tested on so many levels in the covid environment. When our hands are tied and we need to deal with a situation that is forced upon us, we need to draw on our inner resources to navigate our circumstances as best we can.

Patience and the test of time are both important, challenging and learned skills that will help us navigate difficult times.

I often find comfort in knowing that time heals. To mindfully action that thought, I need to practice patience.

Sometimes not doing, not speaking, not having to fix things, not having to act, and to simply be ok with not doing. Let me say that again…‘being ok with not doing’.

Mindfully allowing time to run its course is the skill that is necessary to learn and adopt, which will then empower us and serve us in navigating situations that are beyond our control.

Wishing you patience in this challenging time.

Gina 🙏

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