Inviting uncertainty into the picture

Inviting uncertainty into the picture

There is so much that we cannot control at the moment. Our minds may be filled with a mix of fear, apprehension, anxiety, uncertainty all combined to be a heady mix of discomfort and restlessness.

As humans, we like to be certain, clear, informed and definite!

When the situation arises that this is not the case, we can struggle to find our grounding and stability. I would put it to you that in these times it’s simply not possible to be definitive and certain.

As our situation changes ever so rapidly, and we are learning as we go, it is actually necessary to be able to invite uncertainty into the picture. Remember, we still have the ability to bring about acceptance.

Embrace the concept that life is not perfect.
Embrace that life is not certain.
Embrace becoming comfortable with ‘not’ being comfortable.

By reacting this way, we bring understanding and empathy to ourselves and to others. Understanding that we don’t have all the answers but are working towards trying our best to do the right thing.

Over the coming months, if you allow, I will pop into your inbox every now and then with thoughts and concepts to help you with your current mindset, and to help you move to a place of calm and wellness.

Our home is our sanctuary and we need to allow it to wrap its arms around us and bring comfort.

Wishing you a life of calmness in this challenging time,
Gina 🙏

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