Has this time saved our local communities?

Has this time saved our local communities?

Across Williamstown our businesses are slowly reopening, and it is great to see vibrancy in our shopping precinct. We have made small steps towards what I see as positive change for our local community.

I know I will very much appreciate more than ever being able to go into a cafe, sit down, wave and say hi to the owners and the locals. Having that connection to community that we have all missed so much.

As a shop owner I have seen and been so grateful for the definite shift and awareness of our customers support, and how everyone wants to see our businesses stay open and get to the ‘other side’.

Here’s my thoughts on the top 4 benefits that will make your shopping experience a unique and positive one!

  • Accessibility: How great it is that we can duck down to the shops, cafes and restaurants, either by walking, riding or a quick drive.
  • Inclusivity: Our shops and businesses welcome everyone, we depend on everyone supporting our businesses, whether it be for a small purchase or a large one, we welcome you all.
  • Customer Service: The kind you will never receive at a large shopping centre. We will identify your needs and if we haven’t got it refer you to another store in the streets or order in for you. We will go out of our way to help.
  • Conversation: I think the highlight of our work is the conversations and relationships that we have with our customers. You as the customer are important to us as a local, unique person, a friend! You become part of our business family that we are all working hard at building.

The sense of community and belonging at this time is palpable, as our customers we want you to know how important you are to each of us.

Wherever you call home, showing your local small business owners that you will help them through this time and into the future is quite simply, life changing! Below are a couple of the business that make up our diverse precinct in Williamstown.

See you down the street!

Gina 🙏

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