Happiness is the new rich!

Happiness is the new rich!

Living my best life is all about balancing priorities, and concentrating on what is important whilst navigating whatever it is that life throws our way.

This is a never ending process – pre and post coronavirus. Something that we can all work on implementing that will assist in living our best life.

It’s during times of stress and anxiety that I choose to look within and on the topic of important, I like to write down what is important to me. Today, I’d like to share these with you. These are also the things that form my personal roadmap to living my best life:

  1. Take full responsibility for my health, life, family and circumstances – always!
  2. Be brutally honest with myself. Honesty that challenges myself to face the real truths within.
  3. Develop and live with an expansive mindset.
  4. Constantly working on self-growth and not settling for mediocrity but living my life exceptionally and striving to leave the world a better place.
  5. Maintain and pursue mental and physical health and wellbeing, to pursue living my best life.
  6. Always learning and staying relevant.
  7. To live a calm, balanced integral life that is full of possibilities.
  8. To be comfortable in my own skin, so that I can be available and attentive to others. To live in the moment with freedom, choice and liberation.

Wishing you a life of calm in this challenging time.

Gina 🙏

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