Change the way you feel

Change the way you feel

iKou is one of our most popular brands in Embrace and for good reason.  Not only do they produce stunning candles and beautiful skin care, they are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Hailing from Australia’s world heritage listed Blue Mountains, iKOU offsets their production with solar and wind power, and their waxes are sourced from GM-Free and non-Amazon plantations.

Their candles are 100% natural plant wax, free from palm, colouring, paraffin and are vegan.

So when you bring an iKOU candle into your sanctuary, you can enjoy it’s comforting glow, knowing it is ethically made with love.

No wonder we love them so much!

Caring for your candle in return is easy when you know these few tips:

  1. Wax Memory: When burning your large candles, try and burn them for 3 hours at a time so the wax melts evenly to the glass. This will ensure you have an even top and no deep uneven gullies that can reduce the lifespan of your candle.
  2. Wick Trimming: Keep wicks trimmed to 5-7mm during burning and before relighting.
  3. Multi-Wicks: If your candle has two or more wicks, ensure all wicks are burning at the same time.
  4. Extinguishing: Never use the lid to extinguish your candle. It’s not a safe practice and can cause black smoke marks inside your candle.

Following these simple steps will allow your candles to live their best life and bring you hours of joy, comfort and the power of scent.

Stay warm and see you down the street!

Gina 🙏

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